Sunday, July 8, 2007

American Getaway

My parents are coming to pick me up this afternoon, and later we'll be hitting Bellingham like Nicole Richie on a shopping trip. Mad, I tell you! In the meantime, I'll be catching up on some crime fiction. Namely, Bev Connor's "One Grave Too Many." Her protag, Diane Fallon, is a prickly forensic anthropologist who works for a museum, but always ends up getting drawn into murder investigations. I like her because she's always yelling at people. My kind of academic.


Matt J. said...

you had just better bring me back stuff! Bee-otch.
I want Pay-days and Milkyways (Dark). And other goodies!

Mark said...

Nicole would be calling people bitches and complaining about hunger pangs? Still on board?

I just thought I'd swing by to see what your blog is like. I really prefer blogger to livejournal. People get to see your page rather than just your post on their friend page.

By the way, finding my website in your links, I felt the need to pimp you out on my blog.