Friday, July 27, 2007

The Godfather

OK, I have set myself a new 12-step goal: once I leave the apartment today, I will not return to Myspace ALL DAY, until I go to bed. I can do this. Serenity Now!

Matt, Brianne and I are going up to SFU to move his office, then off to the Salvation Army to drop off some clothes. And then, AND THEN...I'll be watching The Godfather for the very first time at Jen's place. I know, it's pretty sad that I've never seen any of the trilogy, but tonight is the night. We've got box wine, we've got pasta, and we've got smokes. Let's do this.


Janice Unplugged said...

Holy schnikies. How have you not watched The Godfather? Godfather II is even better. III? Sucks balls.

jes battis said...

I loved it! Such a campy epic, especially the first scene when Brando has the cat on his lap.

Janice Unplugged said...

Did you watch GII? or just I? You must watch II.

Campy? Campy? *storms off in a huff*

Mark said...

Your on your way to earning that 24 hour coin.