Sunday, July 15, 2007


Today is one of those 'don't leave the apartment' kinda days. I frolicked on the beach yesterday with friends and now I'm tuckered. Actually, I've been feeling pretty exhausted for the past few days, which is odd, since I'm not actually teaching right now and this is supposed to be my downtime. I think the stress of the impending move, along with all of the other crazy stuff that's happened/is happening over the past few months, is starting to get to me. Who knew that finishing your PhD, publishing your first novel, and starting a new job in New York could be really, really stressful?

I might read some Kathryn Fox today--she writes about a forensic pathologist who investigates sex crimes, and so far "Without Consent" has been a tight and fast read. At some point I have to begin the revisions to NIGHT CHILD for my editor, but I can't quite get into that frame of mind right now. Too zonked.

At least it's not too warm today. The heat makes my brain soupy.


Erin said...

Kathryn Fox = Aussie. From Sydney, but nonetheless... ;-) I've only read the first novel, and am waiting on the second to show up on shelf at my library, but it's never there. This is annoying.

Have a lovely day! :-)

jes battis said...

buy her 2nd book, it's worth the read