Monday, July 23, 2007

Me Wantz It

Someone needs to buy these books for me. These are my top 3:

Queer Youth
, by Gloria Filax.

Wicked Lovely
, by Melissa Marr

City of Bones,
by Cassandra Clare

Also, am I a sellout for listening to Rhianna? I really want to buy one of her umbrellas. She really does have a new umbrella line from Isotoner. Most brilliant marketing move I've seen in a while.


Tez Miller said...

*secret* I like Rihanna's music. Not enough to buy one of her umbrellas (you're right - marketing genius), but still...

Have a lovely day! :-)

cynical romantic said...

I say buy the umbrella if they're of good quality. Everyone needs a quality umbrella. It's just good sense.