Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today was my first morning in Brooklyn! It's amazing so far--there's so much close to our apartment, including a laundromat, two awesome cafes, multiple bars, hardware stores, delis, a grocery store, and a clinic. Just a short entry for now to let everyone know that I'm safe and sound, and I'll write more later.



Matt J. said...

It sounds pretty awesome - but then again, how can brooklyn not be awesome! I'm glad you are safe, I was going all papa bear and being worried.

And you better call me later today - I need normal human interaction before I get in that car.

cynical romantic said...

i'm just excited about the yard sales. who knew people actually had yards in new york? i guess brooklyn is different. all them wide open spaces and what-have-you.

Janice Unplugged said...

Congratulations on making it, Jes! Also, of all those things that are close by, I think 'clinic' ranks #1!