Thursday, August 23, 2007

CUNY, CUNY, CUNY, I've got love in my...wait, that doesn't rhyme

Finally got my computer account at the Grad Centre (dammit, I'm using the Canadian spelling!) up and running, so I can do my email and stuff here on weekdays instead of stealing wireless from the bagel shop. Although I do still love my bagel shop, and I'm happy to go there on weekends until I get high-speed up and running at the apartment. The US has a bewildering array of different internet services, so it might take a while to figure out which one I can use, or if my 200 year old building will even support it.

Had fun with the 7 subway line today, trying to figure out how it can get from Jackson Ave to Grand Central to Bryant Park without stopping at Penn Stn, which is actually where I wanted to go. Although the Bryant Park stop--right across from NYPL--is only about 6 blocks from the Grad Center, and the blocks are short rather than the mutant epic New York blocks that I've become accustomed to (the blisters on my feet can attest to this)

Everything is slowly getting better. Myka has taped a sign to our door that says "It's ok to fail," which I like.

Still, give me a year and we'll see what happens. I see myself living in a communal apartment with Matt and Bri.


Matt J. said...

And Matt and Bri seem them living with you. I have not even gotten to Toronto yet and I already know I will last barely a year living alone. I want my best roommate back!

But good work on getting the account set up and finding new subway stops - those will be fun in Toronto too.

And get internet will ya...

cynical romantic said...

Yes, Bri and Matt do see you living with them. I think that's been firmly established at this point.

Your 200 year old building WANTS to support the internet... it NEEDS to.... it is like an ugly addiction where it has no choice but to support it. It may be ok for you to fail, but it is certainly not ok for the internet to fail in your building.

Glad you got your computer account up and running, though.