Friday, August 24, 2007

CUNYlingus (sorry, couldn't resist)

Sometimes it seems like this blog is the only normal thing I can do in New York. Tried to open my bank account for the third time today, but was told that they won't authorize it until I have a utility bill, which we don't have. Fascism!

Just at the Grad Center now, since it's much cooler than our apartment and has internet access. I opened up a paypal account so I can beg more people for money. It's working so far!

Gonna call mama in a second...she's trapped in Penticton with Nana. Oh, Penticton, land of peaches and 14+ clothing stores. I once ate at a restaurant there called "Shades" with a pair of huge sunglasses hanging outside the door. The waitresses were surprisingly unironic.

I'm alone in the computer lab, which suits me fine. Nice and quiet here, and there are couches to stretch out on. Maybe I'll just strip down to my undies and ask the secretary if she can bring me a beer. Yeah. That sounds major, as Posh would say.


cynical romantic said...

Today it got so hot at work that I stripped down to my bra and worked in that. Seriously. It was liberating.

jes battis said...

wish i had a bra

Matt J. said...

I think you should certainly strip down the undies and make Megan bring you beers! I love that image.

I am loving the apartment... its quiet and nice and cool and oh man I just wish you were here to see it!!!