Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hawt in the city

It's hot as hell in Brooklyn right now. Had a nice morning with Myka and her friend Christine, who's currently a roadie for someone named Margaret Thrasher. Had a tofu scramble with yam fries, then dragged my tired ass down to the cafe by the waterfront, Champion, for coffee and free wireless (plus, it's air conditioned).

Going to spend a few hours reading at NYPL. Still can't take out materials, since they require a million documents that I don't have in order to open up an account, but even as a foreign alien and potentially threatening Canadian I can still use their reading room. I can't even get an account at the Brooklyn Public Library, for Christ's sake, since they require a SSN.

We might end up going to a housewarming party at Myka's rich cousin's place in TriBeCa. I could see how the other 1% in this city live. I keep fantasizing that it will be like the party that Carrie goes to with Big where the hostess "only serves clear fluids," no beer.


cynical romantic said...

Well? You've left us hanging - were there or were there not opaque liquids at the party?

jes battis said...

didn't go, stayed home instead and watched Firefly, cus I'm fly that way