Sunday, August 19, 2007

"I'm a legal alien"

Day 2 in Brooklyn. Found a hidden gem: a bagel shop that charges 75 cents for fresh, hand-rolled bagels, and it also has free wireless. Slow, but better than Starbucks, and it's called "The Boar's Head" which is much cooler.

Still doing research on how to get my SSN, whether I actually need it or not, if/how I can apply for a bank account, etc. I'm going to stop by HSBC tomorrow and talk to account services there--hopefully I can get away with not applying for a SSN, since the process takes a while and involves me going to their office on downtown Brooklyn. Apparently they hold on to your documents, too, and I can't give up my visa because I can get deported if I don't carry it at all times. Isn't the US fun?

Off to grab a coffee and take the L train down to the east village, maybe ramble around there for a bit. Discovered a Rite Aid close by too, thank god.

Hope all is well with everyone!



cynical romantic said...

so i JUST get out of bed and am sooo hungry. i realize i ate my last bagel yesterday and now there's nothing on that shelf. i grab my fruit juice berries - knowing full well i want something salty - and then i sit down and read your post about yummy bagels. damn you potato!!

Janice Unplugged said...

I vote for deportation. *sniff*