Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Impossible Dream

I finally did the impossible today--I got a library card. Not for NYPL, but for its little sister, the Mid-Manhattan Public Library across the street. The no-nonsense woman at the desk was highly amused by my Canadian ID, but she processed the application anyways without asking for proof-of-address. Apparently, even though NYPL asks for "a traceable address document"--i.e., a utility bill--I can just give them anything with my current address on it, and they'll accept it for a research card. We'll put this theory to the test tomorrow, since, for some reason, there are NO copies of I Love Lucy, Season 2 in this entire fucking city, ANYWHERE, that can be taken out of a public or university library. I couldn't even find one at Kim's in the West Village (which I can't get an account with anyways), and it's really interesting that I'm supposed to be teaching this tomorrow. Also, I thought I could get the episode "Lucy Goes to the Hospital" from Youtube, but as it turns out they only have clips, not the whole episode.

At least I got the library card!