Thursday, August 2, 2007

Playing Doctor

I am now officially Dr. Jes Battis. Sweet Baby Jesus, this has been a long day. I'll update more when my brain is working properly. Suffice it to say, the defense went well, I passed with very minor revisions to my dissertation (just a few footnotes), and I can finally relax.

Thanks to everyone--you all know who you are and how much I love and appreciate you all.

Jes (AKA Dr. Detroit)


Janice Unplugged said...

Jes! How fantastic. I'm so proud of you. Dammit. I let my class go an hour early, and I still missed dinner! Hope you had a great dinner to cap off a stressful day. You deserve a nice glass of wine ... or 5.

jes battis said...

don't worry, i'm definitely relaxing now