Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Holy fuck, I just met Eve Sedgwick. I knocked very timidly on her office door, and she was super nice and actually remembered who I was. I love her glasses.

Just going to toddle off down the hall and hyper-ventillate now.



cynical romantic said...

Almost makes you wish you carried around a brown paper bag just for such emergency hyperventilation (wow - the spelling on that one?! unreal!) situations.

iain said...

You could also use that brown paper bag to ask for an autograph. I'm sure Eve would totally respect you after that.

Matt J. said...

I am sad that I am not the first person to comment on this post. I have to say, I am incredibly jealous. More jealous of this than of anything else you might do while in NYC. When I come visit, I insist you take me to meet her... I'll even carry my own paper bag!

jes battis said...

Maybe I could get her to sign my metro card