Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Best Day Ever

Let's go over how awesome this day has been, shall we?

1) NYPL didn't have the book on Bonanza! that I needed for my lecture on Friday--it is apparently only in their Performing Arts library, which is on 64th and Broadway

2) my NYPL card is fucked up and not working properly for some reason

3) I couldn't look at the James Dean picture book that I wanted, since their photography collection is PROTECTED BY AN ELECTRONIC GATE. You need a special key-card and permission from Special Collections just to look at their coffee table books

4) my CUNY id card is apparently expired--the security guard imprinted the wrong date on it, and I almost got thrown out of the Hunter Library because they didn't believe I was a teacher. So now I can't take any books out of Hunter--i.e., the books that I needed for Friday--because my id card is fucked

5) the lecture that I spent hours on this morning--based on images from I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver, which I lovingly organized and captioned--was a bust today because the AV equipment wasn't working. The technician claimed that my graphics card was shot, but when I asked his assistant, he said that it was probably just the cable that they gave me. So, since I couldn't use the projector and had no extra notes, I had to improvise an entire lecture on the two shows.

6) because of the timing of this grad class, I have to negotiate the subway every tuesday during rush hour. I got elbowed, kicked, stepped on, and screamed at today while transferring from the 6 to the 7 at Grand Central.

7) there seems to be one functional PC in the CUNY computer lab

One good thing that happened today: I saw Carmine Giovanizzo, who plays Danny on CSI: NY, walking down 5th Ave. He looked hotter in person, but very stern. I can believe that he grew up on Staten Island. I almost walked into a pole. Then I thanked Sweet Jesus for giving me one happy moment today in this fucking city.


Mark said...

Wow! New York is Awesome!

You'll get used to it. And if you don't, there's always psychotropics.

Dr. Jes Battis said...

if only i had some right now....

cynical romantic said...

we're working on it!!!