Friday, September 7, 2007

Lookin Up

Great news! My first postdoc payment arrived. $24,000, which is slightly less than I thought it would be (I was expecting $38,000, which is what the website indicates), but I think that SSHRC has some bizarre logic for making the second installment worth more. Anyways, it feels like ONE MILLION DOLLARS, since I've been broke for so long. My parents have been nice enough to deposit it in my Royal account today, so I'm just waiting for it to appear and hoping that they allow me to spend even 500 of it while they're holding the cheque. Kind of odd that they want to hold a certified government cheque, but, after the bullshit bureaucracy that I've already had to put up with across the border, this is nothing.

Also heard from the associate chair of the Media Studies dept at Hunter, and they want me to teach a 3d year course on Cult TV next semester. Can you even imagine something more suited to me? I was so happy to hear that--she has to see if she can get a special topics course added first, but basically indicated that, on the off chance that it doesn't happen, they'll still find me something. Weird, how the English department at CUNY completely abandoned me and refused to offer me any work, but the Film/Media dept has been so accommodating.

I'm going to give a bitchin lecture on westerns to my 371 class today, then I'm meeting up with Brianne later for drinks. All in all, I'm incredibly relieved that I'm going to have money soon, and--dare I say--almost in a good mood for once. This city really tries to break you, but I'm still holding on (cue Steve Perry and Journey lyrics)

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