Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Brianne and her mom are visiting the city for a week! We spent the day together yesterday, and I was happier than I've been in...well, about 3 weeks. Definitely the best time that I've had since I moved to New York, since I finally had one of my best friends to SEE things with instead of just doing everything on my own. We played dress-up in Filene's Basement, walked around The Strand, and had dinner at an Indian place on the Upper West Side. Brianne's mom is great too. I hope she likes me.

Have to put together some pictures for the Media 371 lecture today, and after that I've got Eve's course. I wasn't too keen on the novella by Thackery that she had us read this week, but I see why she chose it, and I'm hoping that everyone in class will have lots to say about it. Kind of odd being in a grad class again when I'm not actually a grad student. I feel like a spy. But it's fun.