Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slow Day

It seems like the entire city is under construction right now. The G train was only running 0n one track, so I had to wait forever, then take the L and the Q to CUNY. The Q is actually a sweet little train. Why did I have to go to CUNY, you ask? Because the nearby cafe where I check my email had a fucking line going out the door, and it was just starting to rain, so I didn't want to wander around Brooklyn with my laptop looking for wireless. I figured I would probably end up in midtown anyways, so I might as well just bite the bullet and go to the Grad Center. It was interesting how the security guard forced me to sign in, even though I have an ID card. Apparently, security is even tighter here on a Saturday, when the entire place is empty.

The meeting with Lauren went great--she's awesome, very laid back. Apparently, Susan Sarandon has an office on the same floor as DGLM, as well as Tony Kushner, who rides the elevator with his cool fold-up bicycle. If I saw either of them, my head would explode.

I have to get some reading done today, and this is a good, rainy day for it. Rain paralyzes this city. Everyone starts to freak out, the umbrellas fly, and people dart across the streets in a panic like they're going to start melting. All of the tourists are forced to wear plastic slickers, so you see these massive, double-decker tour buses with huge armies of plastic-clad zombies, all snapping pictures in the rain.


cynical romantic said...

I love your version of New York in the Rain. Watching Manhattan right now with a very cute youngish Diane Keaton and your description would be a lovely line in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Battis up to bat review, oh!

Spend SSHRC for tattoo! Oh the shameful horror you whore.