Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subway Hell

God, I feel like I've been on the subway all day today...oh wait, I have. Let's recap:

Travel Cuts at Washington Square to book Matt's flight: G train to V train

Hunter College to 'finalize' my hiring package--oh wait, it wasn't finalized. since I got sent up to HR, and the secretary still needs to write up an 'appointment letter,' and I also need a special Hunter ID even though I already have a GC ID, and there's another tax form. Finalized my lilly white ass: V train to E train to 6 train

Grad Center to pick up all the shit I left in my mailbox (since I have no real office), check my email, and get a coffee: 6 train to W train

Home (eventually): 7 train to G train

That's right...once I get home, I'll have taken 9 trains. That means 9 different and delightful opportunities to hear: "Stand by for an important message from the New York City Police Department. If you see a suspicious package, don't do nothing. Report it!" Don't do nothing? Please, please, don't assault me with double negatives while I'm trapped on the fucking subway!


Matt J. said...

Hmmmm - that does sound like Subway hell. But I know you will survive in the end :)

I am so excited that you booked the trip - i seriously cannot wait! One week left and I will be there for a whole like 10 days!

cynical romantic said...

let me get this straight... you were actually able to understand something that was being said over those loudspeakers in the subway?!? holy shit - the apocalypse must not be not coming.

ps. 'snot fair. ten days with each other without me. *sigh* at least have a drink in the park after dark for me, k?

Dr. Jes Battis said...

we will drink sour wine in the park and toast our love to you, bri

cynical romantic said...

well that's better then. :)