Monday, October 22, 2007


Job apps suck. For so many reasons. You have to write tailored letters to each institution, design special courses for them, try to make it sound like you're just blown the fuck away by how awesome they are, and then there's a 90% chance that they'll never even send you a postcard-sized rejection. Some places don't even let you know that they threw out your just have to assume after you don't hear from them for 3 months. If you're lucky, you become one of 10 contestants to get a 20 minute interview at a mega-conference where everyone is either crying against an arabesque pillar, scanning the book room feverishly for their own publications, or double-fisting their coffee and "water" bottles (i.e., vodka).

Then, if you're REALLY lucky, you get a trip to Strange American Town, where you have precisely 48 hrs to absorb every piece of cultural information you can and transform it into a shiny anecdote during your day-long walking interview from hell. And that's the good part.

Plus, how am I ever going to get my framed copy of The National Post on the plane with me?


cynical romantic said...

perhaps you should have it shrunk and laminated and keep a copy in your wallet - you know, just in case the framed copy gets broken by some over-zealous customs officer.

Dr. Jes Battis said...

or maybe a patch on my vintage jean jacket. it would go well next to my faster pussycat patch and thin lizzy patches.

Matt J. said...

When did you get a vintage jean jacket? Or was that a joke?