Friday, November 16, 2007

Can the Postdoc Speak?

I missed La Spivak. Turns out she was presenting at Columbia rather than CUNY, but, oddly enough, the English lounge at Columbia and the English lounge at CUNY have THE SAME room number. Odd? Eerie? Uncanny? I submit it to you, readers. All four of you.

Also missed a cool talk on academic publishing at the GC, which was apparently at 2:30. Since, you know, it's not like some of us have to teach on Fridays. But there was some wine left, at least. And those bitchin soda crackers.

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Names said...

I have had the pleasure/pain of hearing Madame Spivak speak at Harvard. I spent the entire lecture five words behind as I attemted to translate her arcane acada-speak before giving up and just basking in the glow of her intellect. She is so awesome. But much easier to read than experience live. Homi is the same way.