Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am deep in the sweaty, smelly forest of editing right now. Day 2. I have to get these changes to the novel done soon, so that I can take that mofo out of my 'in tray' and focus on other drinking wine and watching The Wire. I inking-dray ine-way and atching-way the Ire-way. Yeah, that's it. Fuckers will never crack that code! Wind-Talkers eat your heart out! (OK, I'm a bad person).

The hipsters invade my neighborhood on the weekends to bitch about their 'really intense' film classes at NYU, so I've retreated to Ashbox, the cafe in our industrial zone. If it were any closer to the rotting waterfront of Greenpoint, you'd see Marlon Brando there petting pigeons. Only Matt will get that.

Praying it doesn't get too hot so that I can keep my window seat. Also, if anyone has suggestions for the first novel, let me know, because it will be on its way to Ace soon.

Mmmmm...fruity oatmeal.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fanning the Flames of my Fierceness

My roommate's parents are in town, so the apartment is very...full. Dave, our houseguest who has become more of an honorary third roommate, and I, are escaping to the nearby cafe. There is a laundromat in the same building, so we have a system where we go in shifts to check on our laundry. Seems to be working so far.

I can't believe I have to go on the job market again. There's a kidslit job at the University of Winnipeg, but the deadline is Oct 15! What the fuck--they just posted it last week? Sigh.

It's hot today, and I need a fan for my bedroom. This provides an excuse to visit Bed, Bath, and Beyond, otherwise known as my gay home planet.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subway Hell

God, I feel like I've been on the subway all day today...oh wait, I have. Let's recap:

Travel Cuts at Washington Square to book Matt's flight: G train to V train

Hunter College to 'finalize' my hiring package--oh wait, it wasn't finalized. since I got sent up to HR, and the secretary still needs to write up an 'appointment letter,' and I also need a special Hunter ID even though I already have a GC ID, and there's another tax form. Finalized my lilly white ass: V train to E train to 6 train

Grad Center to pick up all the shit I left in my mailbox (since I have no real office), check my email, and get a coffee: 6 train to W train

Home (eventually): 7 train to G train

That's right...once I get home, I'll have taken 9 trains. That means 9 different and delightful opportunities to hear: "Stand by for an important message from the New York City Police Department. If you see a suspicious package, don't do nothing. Report it!" Don't do nothing? Please, please, don't assault me with double negatives while I'm trapped on the fucking subway!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Feeling Adjuncty

Discovered the adjunct office today at kind of smells indefinably, and the computers are old and creaky, and the key sticks in the lock, but it's a room of one's own. Well, if 'one' means every other adjunct in the dept. But it's a cozy little run-down lounge type space with chairs that are falling apart and walls yellowed from years of nervous adjuncts smoking between classes. I actually kind of like it.

Off to educate...if by 'educate' I mean watching Good Times....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slow Day

It seems like the entire city is under construction right now. The G train was only running 0n one track, so I had to wait forever, then take the L and the Q to CUNY. The Q is actually a sweet little train. Why did I have to go to CUNY, you ask? Because the nearby cafe where I check my email had a fucking line going out the door, and it was just starting to rain, so I didn't want to wander around Brooklyn with my laptop looking for wireless. I figured I would probably end up in midtown anyways, so I might as well just bite the bullet and go to the Grad Center. It was interesting how the security guard forced me to sign in, even though I have an ID card. Apparently, security is even tighter here on a Saturday, when the entire place is empty.

The meeting with Lauren went great--she's awesome, very laid back. Apparently, Susan Sarandon has an office on the same floor as DGLM, as well as Tony Kushner, who rides the elevator with his cool fold-up bicycle. If I saw either of them, my head would explode.

I have to get some reading done today, and this is a good, rainy day for it. Rain paralyzes this city. Everyone starts to freak out, the umbrellas fly, and people dart across the streets in a panic like they're going to start melting. All of the tourists are forced to wear plastic slickers, so you see these massive, double-decker tour buses with huge armies of plastic-clad zombies, all snapping pictures in the rain.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Awesome Chewies

Only Matt will understand the title of this post.

This has been a great day so far. Brought out my new camera and took random shots along 34th and 5th, much to the annoyance of native New Yorkers. Of course, I'm not a lowly tourist...I am a distinguished photographer. With a sweet new James Bond camera that fits in the smallest pocket of my cargo shorts.

Found an awesome film poster and print shop, Jerry Ohlinger's, on 35th/7th (partially obscured by massive trucks...I also got hit by a bike messenger while crossing the street. Seriously, he ran right into me, then kept going without an apology. Anyone who watches CSI: NY will understand this). I may or may not have spent 100 bucks on James Dean prints. Maybe. Or not. But the nice girl behind the counter threw in a Giant poster for free. C'mon!

Also discovered some other places I want to check out, including Gallagher's Paper Collectibles(film magazine memorabilia) on 12th/3d, and Posteriati on Centre St in the 20s (listen to me, all New Yorker, "in the 20s"), and La Belle Epoque on Columbus/73d, although their posters START at $800. Maybe we'll just browse there, k?

And then...I stopped off at the GC yet again to see if I could use the scanner (I think you need to give blood and/or lymph for that), and decided to grab a drink at the mini-canteen next to the library. I'd never stepped in there before, and thought that it was just a counter with hot dogs and bagels. But when I walked in...oh my god, I discovered that it's ANOTHER CAFETERIA. They take all the leftovers from the upstairs cafeteria, and discount them. And there's a beautiful seating area with hardwood floors and wireless. What the fuck? How could I not have noticed this before. They have chocolate soy milk and cornbread muffins. I need nothing else to survive.

Almost to Union Sq soon to meet with supafly agent.


Sorry it's taken so long to post. Got real busy. But now I've got a long weekend due to CUNY scheduling weirdness, which for once has worked in my favor. Going to meet with my agent, Lauren, for the first time tonight. Oddly nervous about it, even though I know she's cool and laid back.

In the meantime, I'm going to check out a movie poster store on 35th/7th. And the most exciting moment of today so far? When I fit into a 33 waist at Old Navy. It aint a pretty fit, and there was some gut-sucking, but the pants zipped up, and we all know that's all that counts. Those fuckers ZIPPED UP.

Thirsty...CUNY air is sucking the moisture from my body. Thankfully, Glaceau vitamin water will replace it. Mmmmm....vitamin water. You can't go wrong with Jennifer Anniston as your spokesperson.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Having lots of fun in Toronto. Finally met the elusive Marcos, and he's a sweetheart. Matt and I are going to a market for lunch (and Cherry Bomb for coffee...mmmmm).

In other news, I might be getting a book of poetry published! Signature Editions is interested in my "Stray" poems, and for those who've read them, you know how weird those poems are, and how much I love them. Would be pretty sweet.

Coffee calls

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cry the Beloved Country

Leaving "tomorrow" (i.e., 6am takeoff time, at the airport by 4am, so kind of leaving tonight) for Toronto to visit Matt. Canada! Healthcare! Debit cards! Tim Horton's! So much goodness awaits, not the least of which is spending time with my twin (we are either linked by previous lives or were separated at birth, one of the two).

There's a skip in my step as I leave the accursed Grad Center....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Me a badass? Noooo....

Got a nose-ring and a tattoo--within days of each other! All I gotta say is: fucking OUCH. Pics are on Facebook.

On my way to Bluestockings Books to (not) buy books.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Lookin Up

Great news! My first postdoc payment arrived. $24,000, which is slightly less than I thought it would be (I was expecting $38,000, which is what the website indicates), but I think that SSHRC has some bizarre logic for making the second installment worth more. Anyways, it feels like ONE MILLION DOLLARS, since I've been broke for so long. My parents have been nice enough to deposit it in my Royal account today, so I'm just waiting for it to appear and hoping that they allow me to spend even 500 of it while they're holding the cheque. Kind of odd that they want to hold a certified government cheque, but, after the bullshit bureaucracy that I've already had to put up with across the border, this is nothing.

Also heard from the associate chair of the Media Studies dept at Hunter, and they want me to teach a 3d year course on Cult TV next semester. Can you even imagine something more suited to me? I was so happy to hear that--she has to see if she can get a special topics course added first, but basically indicated that, on the off chance that it doesn't happen, they'll still find me something. Weird, how the English department at CUNY completely abandoned me and refused to offer me any work, but the Film/Media dept has been so accommodating.

I'm going to give a bitchin lecture on westerns to my 371 class today, then I'm meeting up with Brianne later for drinks. All in all, I'm incredibly relieved that I'm going to have money soon, and--dare I say--almost in a good mood for once. This city really tries to break you, but I'm still holding on (cue Steve Perry and Journey lyrics)

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Just putting together a kickass lecture on the history of the western for my Media 371 class tomorrow. If the AV equipment doesn't work, I'm going to forcibly steal someone's laptop and use it. Hunter can kiss my ass.

Just spending a nice day in, watching westerns and chilling at home. Probably the most relaxing thing I've done in 3 weeks. And, yes, tomorrow marks my 3 weekiversary in New York. Crazy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Best Day Ever

Let's go over how awesome this day has been, shall we?

1) NYPL didn't have the book on Bonanza! that I needed for my lecture on Friday--it is apparently only in their Performing Arts library, which is on 64th and Broadway

2) my NYPL card is fucked up and not working properly for some reason

3) I couldn't look at the James Dean picture book that I wanted, since their photography collection is PROTECTED BY AN ELECTRONIC GATE. You need a special key-card and permission from Special Collections just to look at their coffee table books

4) my CUNY id card is apparently expired--the security guard imprinted the wrong date on it, and I almost got thrown out of the Hunter Library because they didn't believe I was a teacher. So now I can't take any books out of Hunter--i.e., the books that I needed for Friday--because my id card is fucked

5) the lecture that I spent hours on this morning--based on images from I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver, which I lovingly organized and captioned--was a bust today because the AV equipment wasn't working. The technician claimed that my graphics card was shot, but when I asked his assistant, he said that it was probably just the cable that they gave me. So, since I couldn't use the projector and had no extra notes, I had to improvise an entire lecture on the two shows.

6) because of the timing of this grad class, I have to negotiate the subway every tuesday during rush hour. I got elbowed, kicked, stepped on, and screamed at today while transferring from the 6 to the 7 at Grand Central.

7) there seems to be one functional PC in the CUNY computer lab

One good thing that happened today: I saw Carmine Giovanizzo, who plays Danny on CSI: NY, walking down 5th Ave. He looked hotter in person, but very stern. I can believe that he grew up on Staten Island. I almost walked into a pole. Then I thanked Sweet Jesus for giving me one happy moment today in this fucking city.


Brianne and her mom are visiting the city for a week! We spent the day together yesterday, and I was happier than I've been in...well, about 3 weeks. Definitely the best time that I've had since I moved to New York, since I finally had one of my best friends to SEE things with instead of just doing everything on my own. We played dress-up in Filene's Basement, walked around The Strand, and had dinner at an Indian place on the Upper West Side. Brianne's mom is great too. I hope she likes me.

Have to put together some pictures for the Media 371 lecture today, and after that I've got Eve's course. I wasn't too keen on the novella by Thackery that she had us read this week, but I see why she chose it, and I'm hoping that everyone in class will have lots to say about it. Kind of odd being in a grad class again when I'm not actually a grad student. I feel like a spy. But it's fun.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


And the Johnny Cash original:

And finally, Johnny Cash's final two covered masterpieces:

Oh, Ninja....

Sept 1st! The working semester officially begins. There are going to be a lot of events in New York on and around Sept 11, including a forum on NYPD brutality (citing specific incidents in Yonkers and the NYPD's notorious track record in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn. If you're lucky enough to live in Bed-Sty, police there will actually argue with you over the phone about filling out a report--it's kind of like being routed to a helpdesk from hell).

Also, a big West Indian festival in downtown Brooklyn today.

And now: Leave it to Ninja.

And the sweet, sweet SCTV (represent Canada!) Leave it to Beaver 25th Anniversary sketch:

And the greatest: "How many times have I told you about whitie?"