Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Golden Boy

Going to Winnipeg for an interview tomorrow morning. My friend Marty says I should pack my long-johns!

I hope I get time to visit some of the cool bookstores (and pubs.) I mean...libraries. Right.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Can the Postdoc Speak?

I missed La Spivak. Turns out she was presenting at Columbia rather than CUNY, but, oddly enough, the English lounge at Columbia and the English lounge at CUNY have THE SAME room number. Odd? Eerie? Uncanny? I submit it to you, readers. All four of you.

Also missed a cool talk on academic publishing at the GC, which was apparently at 2:30. Since, you know, it's not like some of us have to teach on Fridays. But there was some wine left, at least. And those bitchin soda crackers.


Visiting Vancouver for a few days to see my folks, then it's back to New York to teach, then going to Winnipeg for an interview. Sigh. Lots of effing travel. Had to buy a new suit for the interview, which I couldn't precisely afford, but it's very, very pretty. I should probably let Mr. Fulford know about the purchase. A Christmas card, perhaps?

After Winnipeg, I fly to Vancouver again for Christmas, and then Matt and I are going to Wyoming so I can do research on Matt Shepard at the American Heritage Center Archives. Beth Loffreda, who teaches at the University of Wyoming, has graciously agreed to meet with me and perhaps even enlist a grad student to drive us around Laramie. Oh, the endless jobs of the grad student.

I'm really excited about my Queer Grads volume, which is finally starting to get some interest from presses, as well as the kidslit volume which I'm going to start submitting soon.

Might get to see La Spivak in person today. Hopefully the aura of her brilliance won't crush me like the event horizon of a black hole.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Visiting Toronto for a few days (oh, biting wind) and happy to be in Canada. Also excited to get a visiting researcher card for the Robarts Library, since the CUNY library is...well, not Robarts. It's kind of like a Coles Books.

Starting watching Dexter, which I'm really enjoying so far!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hot Hot Heat

So, my landlords finally fixed the boiler and turned the heat on last night...odd, since it wasn't actually cold. Allow me to describe the variety of noises coming from the radiator that woke me up at 6am this morning:

1. Plink. Plink. Plinkety-Plink. (Hmmm...sounds like something squeaking.)
2. Ssssssshhhhhhhhsssssss.
3. Ssss--sssss-plinkplink--sssssssss (ok, that's a bit annoying).

So, yeah. That's what my radiator sounds like. A boa-constrictor devouring an elephant in the middle of a thunderstorm.