Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cover Goodness

Just got the cover flats for NIGHT CHILD--they are so frickin awesome! It turned out wonderfully, and the art dept was even nice enough to do some creative cropping so that Tess's skinny arm was obscured a bit. Skinny sells, unfortunately, and I understand that. But she did get a sexy "OSI" badge, and Ace is calling it the "OSI Series," which is encouraging. At least they expect more books!

I will post it as soon as I get a .jpg copy (or when I break down and scan it myself).

1 comment:

Tez Miller said...

Now, now, it's not us skinny people's fault that our metabolism is good. For now. Our uppance will come ;-)

If you ever feel the urge to send a cover flat to the Southern Hemisphere, you know where to find me ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)