Saturday, February 2, 2008

Couch Trip

I love routines. I'm kind of OCD that way. ("Kind of?" Shut up, Matt.) Of course, I'm also a Gemini, which means that I like to spontaneously develop new routines, and then practice 3 or 4 at the same time.

Lately, I've settled into a nice hamster wheel routine. Get up, feed the cat, check my email, and then go to the Greenpoint Coffee House. As a cafe, they're perfect for me. Even when they get busy, they don't care if I sit in the corner with my laptop. Mostly, they just serve you and forget about you, which suits me fine, and their homefries rock my world. Now that their wireless is fixed, it's nice and fast, which is awesome. And their food is more reasonably priced than Brooklyn Label, although I do still love my Label (mmm...oatmeal).

Just finished reading way too much about tactical vests, gun ejector ports, and ballistics gel. Going to head home, do my ASL lessons (I usually do 2 per day), and then maybe go to the Village for a bit. Might visit Oscar Wilde and drum up some publicity for the novel.

1 comment:

Matt J. said...

I would never make fun of your OCD - hello we've met me right with my weirdness organization thing? (3rd book on the left, top shelf). Sounds like a lovely cafe - and you always need homefries to rock your world, what good are the homefries if they don't?

Go drum up that publicity!