Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Signifying Chain

I lost my bracelet today. It was silver and engraved, and I got it 6 years ago from my oldest friend as a birthday present. I've taken it off maybe twice in that time, just to clean it. Once got into an argument with an airport security guard because I refused to take it off before going through the metal detector. It's one of the few objects in my life--rather than something that I own--that I consider irreplaceable. And now I'm really sad that it's gone. Really, really sad. And how weird that I would lose it after having such a great week. I'm not sure why bad and good things always have to happen in clusters.

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Matt J. said...

I'm sorry you lost it - that arm will look naked even to me!

Good and bad things happen in clusters because the universe seems to have this dying need to make sure that things are balanced out. Remember the part where I was super happy and had just come from NYC and had just finished two great papers and was excited about Chicago and was glad to be seeing people in Van again and BAM I ended up sick... the Universe hates us.

But I still have faith that you might find the bracelet again.

And if not, it just means you can get some real hard ass bling - I'm thinking diamonds and gold