Friday, May 9, 2008

Spilly McSpill

Why do subway stations not have a place to rest your coffee cup? Not a cupholder, necessarily, but just any surface? Starbucks has been opening up cafes right next to subway stations in New York since the late 70s, yet there are literally no places to set down your spilly coffee cup (which is burning you with molten coffee) while trying to pull out your metrocard and simultaneously holding your umbrella between your legs, much like an insane and angry clown.

Also, just as a sidebar: bound galleys never fit in your pocket. Mass market paperbacks can snuggle nicely inside the front pocket of a hoody, or even your butt pocket, but galleys are a pain in the ass.

If I were smarter, I'd bring a bigger knapsack. But I'm not smarter. Apparently, I'm devolving.


marcos said...

i totally agree with you on flat surfaces in public transport....

however a small edit.

Starbucks didn't exist outside of Washington until the 1980's when Howard Schultz joined the company and turned it into the Death Star. So they couldn't have been setting up stores in NYC in the 70's unless they had a time travel contraption (now that would be cool)

Tez Miller said...

Have never tried to fit a book in my pocket - always some form of bag.

Have a lovely day! :-)