Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prom OK, But Get Out

"A Georgia gay high school student who wanted to bring his date to the prom may have scored a victory at school, but he may be losing the war in his own home.

Derrick Martin, 18, lobbied his school, Bleckley County High, to let him bring his date to the prom. Administrators gave him the OK after he appealed an earlier decision turning him down. Martin's story made headlines across the country, and offers for tuxedos, limos, and dinner poured in. But because of the media attention, Martin's parents kicked him out of their home. According to Macon'sTelegraph, he is currently staying with a friend.

He said he was inspired by another Southern teenager, Constance McMillen, who was denied permission to bring her same-sex date to her prom in Mississippi. A federal judge ruled Tuesdaythat while the school board wronged McMillen, it would not have to hold the prom, which school officials canceled rather than allow her to bring a female date." (Advocate Mar 24)


Oblio said...

This breaks my heart. Constance was supposed to be at the Safe Schools Advocacy Summit I just returned from but she was exhausted and just wanted to get back to her life. I hadn't heard about this guy yet. :(

Dr. said...

It sucks that families can be so hostile.