Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have a limited number of copies of INHUMAN RESOURCES, which I'd like to give away in a contest. I'm happy to inscribe books for the winners and pay for postage to send the books their way.

Just complete this short quiz about the Occult Special Investigator universe:

1) Where do Tess and Lucian first meet?

2) True or false: Tess has kissed two other regular characters

3) What city does Tess live in?

4) What does the acronym CORE stand for?

5 ) Which duo tries to kill Tess and Mia in Night Child?

Alternatively, contestants may submit short fanfiction or other creative pieces set in the OSI universe. I will publish the best submissions on my author website and blog.

Send your quiz answers or creative pieces to: jbattis at gmail dot com


Mel said...

ooh ooh oooh...I know most of those, but I'm not sure about two of them.

Gotta speed read Night Child again!

Jes Battis said...

all the more reason for more coffee, everyone wins

Website translation said...

Well I know few of them. and at the same time I don't know most of them. Hope I will get the chance to know them.

Dr. said...

they're pretty friendly