Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 great things about Cathedral Village in Regina

1. Roca Jack's. A purist's coffee house, with two tables (always occupied), jars full of aromatic beans, and chocolate-pinwheel cookies.

2. The Fainting Goat. It has global cuisine, outdoor seating, and high spirits.

3. Paper Umbrella. It satisfies all your card and fine paper needs.

4. Buy The Book. Lots of used books crammed efficiently into a small space. The staff will never bother you, or even make eye contact with you unnecessarily.

5. 13th Ave Coffee House. You can get delicious meals here, including vegetarian bowls that remind me of the Naam in Vancouver.

6. Fiesta Filipino Bakery. Excellent pork buns and sweets.

7. Viet Thai Restaurant. Always open, in flagrant disregard to sacred holidays.

8. Coda Clothing. Cute hoodies and bright vestments, for aging hipsters like myself.

9. The Mercury. Real cheeseburgers and beer on a patio: do you need more?

10. The Bar. Called 'Outside' to some, but known simply as the bar to those of Sapphic and Marlovian persuasions.

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Anonymous said...

haha... my mom owns Fiesta Filipino..