Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, it's possible that I'm turning to Norse Paganism now for pantheistic inspiration. Call me crazy, but runes, drinking horns, and cows that lick the world into being are all things that make sense to me. I'm pretty sure my Elder Futhark is Hagalaz, the Rune of Disruption (and sudden, devastating hail-storms). I feel a strange sense of phantom kinship with Heimdall, who spends most of his time patrolling the border of Bifrost, listening for the distinctive footfalls of frost and fire giants. But Ragnarok is a long way off--so what's the guy doing in the meantime? Probably, he plays a lot of chess, which the Aesir and Vanir both love. After the Vanir invade Asgard and set up a monarchy, the two families of gods blend so sweetly, you forget all about their earlier internecine strife. It's less of a battle than a kind of hostile war-dance, which culminates in everybody mixing blood-lines and pretty much carrying on with what they were doing before the Vanir siezed political control of the city of gods.

The real question: will the Save the Last Dance soundtrack actually allow me to get serious work done? Let's hope.

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