Friday, July 16, 2010


The first appearance of Colossus in X-Men, Season One. Juggernaut is also featured in this episode. In my Spanish version, Colossus still sounds Russian, and is fairly easy to understand. Guepardo is the hardest, because he speaks in a husky Canadian whisper. Jubilee remains my favorite because she screams a lot, which makes it easier to conjugate what she's saying.

I feel that this image is a precursor to the Ultimate X-Men version of Colossus, who comes out to Nightcrawler and then starts dating Northstar. Frankly, nobody is surprised, least of all Jean, and Nightcrawler's reaction to this seems to be more an indictment of German Protestantism than anything else. The romantic in me enjoys the fact that the Russian and the Québécois enfant terrible get to be an item.

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