Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fairoaks Project

The Advocate has an article on Frank Melleno's Fairoaks Project, which chronicles night-life at the Fairoaks Hotel in San Francisco, 1978-9. The adjacent picture is called "Stair Group."

A day and a night at the Fairoaks could mean a lot of things. The acrid smell of popper fumes and stale marijuana smoke. The clank of an eight ball in a rear pocket, the rattle of chains. Low moans and orgasmic shouts heard over an endlessly played Sylvester tune, “Do You Want to Funk With Me?” Giggles. Grunts. And whispers. The passing drifts of another cool fog spied through a curtained bay window. The happy laughter of good friends getting together. The slapping flesh of one-time lovers lustily gettin’ it on.

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