Saturday, July 17, 2010

Writer OCD

Was just about to start on a chapter, and had a moment of panic. All systems were go. I'd put on writing music (Massive Attack), Blackberry was positioned next to the laptop (with my cat as the desktop picture--go me). Ninja Hippo card was sitting adjacent, sending me good vibes. Copy of David Higgs Queer Sites: Gay Urban Histories Since 1600, sitting next to the Ninja Hippo card, to remind me of the general awesomeness of David Higgs.

But where was my ball?

I looked behind the laptop. The rainbow hacki-sack was sitting there, next to the one-eyed soapstone rabbit and my USB key. I squeezed the ball. Okay. Now I was ready. And also painfully aware of the fact that I have Writer OCD. My schedule for the day/night usually unfolds like this:

Make coffee. Wait for coffee. Stand in kitchen, reading, while waiting for coffee.

Transport coffee to desk. Reassure myself of Hervey's presence (Hervey is my BlackBerry, named after the Second Baron, John Hervey. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu said, "there are men, there are women, and then there are Herveys.") I squeeze the ball, and it's time. I've also changed the background of my MS Word, at least in Draft Layout mode, to a really soft minty-beige. It eases my eyes, and also reminds me to floss.


Tez Miller said...

I want to see the Ninja Hippo! Photograph, please?

Jes Battis said...

It's from a card company called